Main Track main track
Side Track secondary track
Turnout Left Forward turnout
Turnout With Fouling Left Forward turnout with fouling point indicator
Double Slip Turnout Left double-slip turnout
Diamond Crossing Left diamond crossing
Turnout Left Forward Right Position turnout with points in right position
Turnout Left Forward Left Position turnout with points in left position
Turnout Left Forward Moving Points turnout with moving points
Derailer Left Forward derailer
Bufferstop Forward bufferstop
Vehicles vehicles
Train Direction Forward train
Ghost Train Direction Forward ghost train
Train Moving Forward train moving
Train Moving Slow Forward train moving slow
Train Moving Fast Forward train moving fast
Train Shunt Mode Forward train in shunting mode
Train Shunting Forward train shunting
Train Drive Automatic train operated automatic
Train Drive Human train operated by human
Distant Signal Forward distant signal
Distant Speed Signal Forward distant signal with speed indicator
Speed Signal Forward speed signal
Block Signal Forward block signal
Route Signal Forward route signal
Combined Signal Forward combined signal (distant and block signal)
Shunt Signal Forward shunt signal
Shunt Signal Forward Locked shunt signal locked
Shunt Limit Forward shunt limit
Transmitter Below transmitter
Transmitter Below Forward transmitter effective forward
Block Clearing Point Forward block clearing point
Route Clearing Point Forward route clearing point
Clearing Point generic clearing point
View Point Forward view point
Braking Point Forward braking point
Block End Marker Forward end of movement authority
Danger Point Forward danger point
Platform Left platform
Level Crossing Single level crossing
Bridge bridge
Interlocking Symbol interlocking